Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League – Semi Pro Football League Review

APDFL President, Anastasia Dietze, APDFL Commissioner, Bernard Hunt, Tuscaloosa Mayor, Walter Maddox, Narashino Japan Mayor, Taisuke Miyamoto and OBIC Seagulls GM Ken Namikawa.

Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League – Semi Pro Football League Review

League Name: Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League

League Abbreviation: APDFL

Number of years in operation: 4 Years

Competition Level: 9

States in League: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas

Number of Teams in League: 38 teams split into 2 conferences

Playoff format: 16 team tournament

Season: Spring

Number of games per season: 12

Publicity Level: 9

Current League Champion: Hiawayi Robinson Falcons (Formally Prichard Falcons)

Contact Information:


208 Homeward Bound Dr

North Augusta, SC 29860



The Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League, also known as the APDFL, is the semi pro football league that champions go to when they are ready to prove they can compete against nationally ranked teams. The APDFL is the home to several past and present Championship teams from several other leagues. The Prichard Falcons have won Championships in 2 different leagues (XSFL twice and APDFL twice) and ranked in the top 5 in the country. Other teams having won championships both within and outside of the APDFL are as follows: Okaloosa Strykers (APDFL), Georgia Canes (DSFL, USFL, HOTS, & NDFL), Metro Atlanta Horsemen (CHFL), Atlanta Tigers (WDFL), Greater New Orleans Jaguars (SSFL, also a National Title), Louisiana Blazin-Bulldogs (SSFL, TUFA twice, also a National Title) and Wilson Ruff Ryders (APDFL). With the massive amount of established and proven teams, the APDFL earns itself a competition level rating of 9. The Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League focuses on giving their players the opportunity to advance their football careers to the next level. The APDFL stays in close contact with the JUCCO, NCAA, AFL, AFL2, Indoor League and NFL Recruiters to assist exceptionally talented players in reaching their goal. The APDFL also has international contacts that they use to help players secure contracts to play professional football abroad. The APDFL was the first league in the country to field an international team at this level, the APDFL Blazers. The Blazers hosted the OBIC Seagulls out of Japan in 2014 in Tuscaloosa, AL and defeated them in a very close game. The Blazers are the only team in the country at this level that plays both home and abroad, giving their athletes the opportunity to be seen not only across the country, but across the world. With the APDFL’s ties to various collegiate and professional football leagues and their commitment to player progression, the league has earned itself a publicity level rating of 9. Teams in the APDFL are held to strict uniform and facility requirements. The league inspects teams uniforms and game day facilities on a weekly basis. All teams in the league play in either College or qualified High School stadiums. Teams also wear the most up to date uniforms with some of the most eye catching colors and logos. We’ll be following this league closely though out 2016, be sure to look out for an update.