Colorado Football Conference – Semi Pro Football League Review

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Colorado Football Conference – Semi Pro Football League Review

League Name: Colorado Football Conference

League Abbreviation: CFC

Number of Years in Operation: 28 Years

Competition Level: 7

States in League: Colorado

Number of Teams in League: 6

Number of Games Per Season: 8

Spring or Fall: Spring

Publicity Level: 8

Current League Champion: Colorado Greyhawks

Contact Information: website –
email –


The Colorado Football Conference or CFC for short, includes teams from the state of Colorado and has been in operation for an impressive 28 years. The CFC began with just a few college club teams from the Denver area of Colorado and soon began to include local minor league / semi pro football teams, fire fighter teams, law enforcement teams and military teams. However the open policy of the league causes the number of teams to vary between 6 and 16 teams from season to season. The CFC Regular season begins in the spring. Teams in the Colorado Football Conference compete in an 8 game regular season followed by a 3 game postseason. The postseason winner is crowned Champions of the Colorado Football Conference and awarded the “Otto Phiffe” Championship Trophy.

Aside from the fluctuation in teams included in the league on a yearly basis, The Colorado Football Conference is one of the most organized leagues in the nation and resembles the structure of some of the most nationally recognized sports programs. Complete with a board of directors that include Commissioner Rashad Ray, Assistant Commissioner – Jeff Battle, Secretary – Doug Kenyon and Treasurer Keith Cogan. The CFC focuses on player safety and health, they encourage that players only play one season per year to ensure that players have time to heal and keep themselves in playing shape. To enforce player health and safety the CFC has strict bylaws barring players from signing to multiple teams at a time and ensure that they are released from other teams outside of the CFC a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the CFC season in order to participate.

With the solid structure of the Colorado Football Conference and the benefit of dedicated executives that are available to contact, the CFC promotes its teams and players very well. The CFC uses its league website to keep the public updated on league standings, game coverage and any other league new. The CFC also has an All Start game in which the top players from each team in the league are put together on 2 different teams and compete. The League also has a hall of fame in which they induct players from the CFC that have had outstanding careers. Teams in the CFC are equipped with some of the latest football equipment and most modern eye catching uniforms. The CFC currently only has teams from the state of Colorado included and this limits their national interest. The CFC has a publicity rating of 8.