Empire Football League – Semi Pro Football League Review


Empire Football League – Semi Pro Football League Review

League Name: Empire Football League

League Abbreviation: EFL

Number of Years in Operation: 46 years

Competition Level: 7

States in League: New York and New Jersey

Team in League: 6 teams

Number of Games Per Season: 11 games

Spring or Fall: Fall

Publicity Level: 8

Current League Champion: Watertown Red and Black

Contact Information: Website – http://www.empire-football-league.com/schedule.html
League Commissioner: David E. Burch – davidb6783@aol.com
Commissioner of Officials: William D. Higgins – billhiggins710@gmail.com
League Treasurer / Secretary: Concetta Sager – concetta.sager@ftr.com

Based in New York, the Empire Football League has been in operation since 1969. The Empire Football League also goes by the EFL and includes teams from New York and New Jersey. However with an astounding 46 years in operation, the EFL only consist of 6 teams here in 2015. The 6 teams play each other twice during the regular season. The EFL playoffs consist of two rounds to crown an EFL champion. The Current Empire Football League Champions, the Watertown Red and Black have been a large part of the recent Empire Football League history. Not all teams in the Empire Football League have the resources to provide high level game and practice facilities, or travel long distances to play regular season games, but they do have a strong level of competition throughout the league.

The Empire football league was featured on ESPN’s t.v. series, Outside The Lines. On this episode of ESPN’s show, Outside the lines, the EFL Comissioner David E. Burch of Edicott, New York participated in a discussion on semi pro football safety. In preparation for this discussion ESPN reporters and camera crews were onsite for many Empire Football League games a practices. ESPN reporters also interviewed current and former semi pro football player and questioned them about their motivation to play semi pro sports. Between the Empire Football League Commissioner, current and former semi pro football players, it was a unanimous response that they play for the love of the game. With national exposure through ESPN, the Empire Football League has earned itself a publicity level rating of 8 out of 10.

With only 6 teams in the league and only 2 states participating, the Empire Football League is one of the smallest in its region. However with its extensive history players continue to want to be a part of that and come to the EFL from all over New York and New Jersey. With its limited range of participation the Empire Football League has managed to have 2 out of its 6 teams play their way into the top 50 national semi pro football team rankings, the Syracuse Strong and the current EFL champions, the Watertown Red and Black. The Empire Football League is competing for supremacy in the New York and New Jersey region with big time leagues like the World Football Federation and the New England Football League. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Empire Football League to see how they fair in National Semi Pro Football Tournaments in the near future.