Great Midwest Football League – Semi Pro Football League Review

great midwest footall league semi pro football league review

Great Midwest Football League – Semi Pro Football League Review

League Name: Great Midwest Football League

League Abbreviation: GMFL

Number of Years in Operation: 9 Years

Competition Level: 7.5

States in League: Illinois, Missouri, Michigan and Kansas

Number of Teams in League: 12 Teams

Number of Games Per Season: 10 Games

Spring or Fall: Sring

Publicity Level: 8

Current League Champions: Kansas City Bulldogs

Contact Information: Website –
Commissioner – Anthony McCormick
President – Milton Sivels Jr.
Vice President – Brandy Bold
Secretary – Diamond M. Dixon
Director of Football Relations – Reggie Collins
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The Great Midwest Football League, also known as the GMFL, was formed by league Commissioner Anthony McCormick in March of 2007. When Commissioner Anthony McCormick formed the GMFL he had one goal in mind, to bring respectability and professionalism back to amateur adult / semi pro football in the mid west. The GMFL does not like to be referred to as a semi professional football league so that all of its players can retain their amateur status, should they have the opportunity to play college football. To protect players amateur status the GMFL has strict rules prohibiting players within the league from getting paid and teams using payment as a form of recruiting. The Great Midwest Football League involves 4 states from the mid western region, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan and Kansas. From these 4 states 12 teams make up the GMFL. The Great Midwest Football League is split into two conferences, the Midway Conference and the Gateway Conference. These 12 teams play a 10 game season beginning in May of each year and ending in August. The Great Midwest Football League follows each season with a GMFL All – Star game in which players from across the league are drafted onto two teams that compete for a GMFL All Star Championship.

To protect the integrity of the league the Great Midwest Football League has strict strict rules and a strict code of ethics which mirror that of the National Football League. These strict rules ensure that each team has quality facilities and its players conduct them selves on and off the field in a professional manner. These strict rules also include uniform requirements which is why teams in the Great Midwest Football League have some of the most up to date and eye catching uniforms in all of amateur and semi pro football. With large number of states participating in the league, the GMFL can afford to be selective in which teams it allows into its league, with these kind of options the GMFL has build a league including teams from the Mid West with some of the most skilled players in the region. Over half of the players in the GMFL have some form of college football experience, this earns the GMFL a competition Level rating of 7.5 out of 10. With strong leadership from the Great Midwest Football League front office and a strict code of ethics, the GMFL is one of the premier semi pro football leagues in the Mid West and we will be covering them extensively this coming season.