Gridiron Developmental Football League – Semi Pro Football League Review

gridiron developmental football league - semi pro league review

Gridiron Developmental Football League – Semi Pro Football League Review

League Name: Gridiron Developmental Football League

League Abbreviation: GDFL

Number of Years in Operation: 5 Years

Competition Level: 9

States in League: Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Mississippi

Teams in League: 31 Teams

Number of Games Per Season: 10 games

Spring or Fall: Spring

Publicity Level: 9

Current League Champion: Nashville Storm

Contact information:
website –
email –
commissioner – Steve Roper
Chief Operating Officer – Tracey Hardney Scott
Chief Executive Officer – Charles Thompson

The Gridiron Developmental Football League is one of the top and possibly the top Semi Pro Football League in the nation. The Gridiron Developmental Football league, also known as the GDFL, resembles the National Football League from not only a players and fans aspect, but more importantly a business aspect. Based out of Memphis Tennessee, the GDFL is a relatively new semi pro football league, but in its short time of existence this league has impacted semi pro football unlike many others. Focusing on professional development for its players and coaches, the GDFL play under current NFL rules and equipment guidelines. The GDFL consist of an impressive 31 teams and stretches across 9 states in the south eastern region. The 31 teams are split into 5 divisions, the Central Division, the Coast Atlantic Division, the Midsouth Division, the Southern States Division and the Southwest Division. With most players having played D1, D2 or D3 college football, many of its players have achieved their college degree which leads to a high level of professionalism throughout the league. With the high level of playing experience and high level of football IQ by its coaches, the Gridiron Developmental Football League gets one of our highest competition level ratings, 9 out of 10.
The Gridiron Developmental Football League has a well planned marketing strategy in place. The GDFL has made sure that the advertisements create a consistent and professional image. The GDFL focuses on customer awareness by making sure they are well known in the local markets. They have used this well planned marketing strategy to build credibility and gain support. The Gridiron Developmental Football League maximizes revenue for individual franchises through this same marketing strategy. Teams in this league tend to generate a profit year after year since this leagues inaugural season in 2010. The GDFL also promotes itself and keeps fans in touch with league activities though its league website. The Gridiron Developmental Football League website contains information on scores, schedules, ticket sales and league activity, the site is very well maintained and up to date. The GDFL also promotes through its league facebook page. One of the best marketing tools the GDFL uses are its eye catching and modern uniforms and logos. Teams in the Gridiron Developmental wear some of the best looking uniforms in all of semi pro football and this leads to bringing in interest from fans that may have never been interested in semi pro football and give credibility to the teams in the league. The Gridiron Developmental Football League is flying under the radar no more and we’re looking forward to seeing which teams will break into the top 50 nationally ranked semi pro football teams list.