Mid States Football League – Semi Pro Football League Review

MSFL semi pro football league review

Mid States Football League – Semi Pro Football League Review

League Name: Mid States Football League

League Abbreviation: MSFL

Number of Years in Operation: 16

Competition Level: 8

States in League: Illinois, Wisconsin

Number of Teams in League: 10

Number of Games Per Season: 8

Spring or Fall: Spring

Publicity Level: 8.5

Current League Champion: Racine Raider

Contact Information: Website – msflfootball.com
email – msflpresident@gmail.com

The Mid States Football League, which is commonly referred to as the MSFL is unique in the way the league is set up. The Mid States Football League is  a semi pro football league owned by the teams as opposed to a sole individual. The league is also managed by a board of executives that is elected by their peers. Board executives have a two year term limit. Teams in the MSFL also have the ability to vote on issues and propose changes in league rules and issues. The Mid States Football League is based in Chicago, Illinois but includes teams from across both Illinois and Wisconsin with a total of 10 teams in the league. The 10 teams in the MSFL are split into two conferences, the MSFL Northern Conference and the MSFL Southern Conference. The MSFL underwent a full league makeover in 2005 in which they brought in prior season champions and runner ups from different leagues and formed a dual state super league.

Teams and players in the Mid States Football League get ample support and promotion from the MSFL executive board through the league website. The MSFL website features detailed standings and stats keeping which makes it easy for fans to track their favorite teams and players. The Mid States Football League is also very active on social media and give solid and current coverage of their league through it. The MSFL also has a radio show that they discuss and analyze recent games. The current champions of the MSFL is the Racine Raiders, this years title gave them back to back Mid States Football League Champion honors. The MSFL also follows up each season with a Mid States Football League All Star Game. The MSFL All Star game includes the top players from MSFL Northern and Southern conferences. The Mid States Football League is small but with players like MSFL Championship game MVP, Racine Raiders running back JR Taylor who has professional football talent, the MSFL gets a high competition level rating of 8 out of 10. With the unique structure of the league and the full coverage of the league on social media, the MSFL is the premier league to play in in the Illinois and Wisconsin region.