Northeastern Football Alliance – Semi Pro Football League Review

Northeastern Football Alliance – Semi Pro Football League Review

League Name: Northeastern Football Alliance

League Abbreviation: NFA

Number of Years in Operation: 9 years

Competition Level: 8

States in League: New York

Number of Teams in League: 12 Teams

Number of Games Per Season: 12

Season: Summer Season

Publicity Level: 8

Current League Champion: Lockport Rampage

Contact Information: website –

Based out of the state of New York is the Northeastern Football Alliance. The North Eastern Football Alliance is formerly known as New York Amateur Football League, which split off from the Mid Continental Football League in the mid 90’s after a new contract took the league to the Mid West. The Northeastern Football Alliance also goes by the NFA and current has 12 participating semi pro football teams in the league. The NFA plays its 12 regular season games during the summer semi pro football season. The regular season if followed by a 2 round post season to determine a Northeastern Football Alliance Champion. The current Northeastern Football Alliance Champions, the Lockport Rampage are one of 3 nationally ranked semi pro football teams in the nation along with Troys Fighting Irish and the Monroe County Sting.

With 3 nationally ranked teams and a solid 12 teams in the league there’s no shortage of talent in the Northeastern Football Alliance and for this reason the NFA has earned itself a competition level rating of 8. Also with a solid league website the Northeastern Football Alliance has a good foundation to promote its participating team to the public. With good promotion teams in the NFA have become an important part of their local communities and participate in many local fundraising events as well as do volunteer work in the community. In return for their community service the local communities come to the games week in and week out to show their support. With high turn outs from the community combined with the sponsorship of local businesses teams in the Northeastern Football Alliance see a profit regularly.