Texas League of American Football – Semi Pro Football League Review

Texas League of American Football - Semi Pro Football League Review by semi pro network

Texas League of American Football – Semi Pro Football League Review

League Name: Texas League of American Football

League Abbreviation: TLAF

Number of Years in Operation: 1 year

Competition Level: 7.5

States in League: Texas

Number of Teams in League: 6 Teams

Number of Games per Season: 10

Season: Summer Season

Publicity Level: 8

Current League Champion: Bell County Raiders

Contact Information: Website – www.texasleaguefootball.com

Based out of the state of Texas is the Texas League of American Football. Also known as TLAF the Texas League of American Football is fresh out of its inaugural semi pro football season and has taken full advantage of the perks that come with being in a state where local football is the talk of the town in many of its communities. The TLAF has some of the most knowledgeable and well respected executives and directors in the business, including 4 hall of famers. The TLAF used a pool of professional consultants to develop the structure of the business plan and implementation. In 2015, their inaugural season, the Texas League of American Football successfully acquired deals with Riddell (helmets & equipment), Baiden (footballs), Per4rm (training equipment), enterprise (transportation), Score Marketing (promotions & media) and the NFL Former Players Association (pro football clinics). As part of its carefully thought out business plan the Texas League of American Football has chosen to only include a 6 teams from across the state in each of its first 3 seasons. These 6 teams compete in 10 regular season games before a two round playoff. In the two round playoff the #2 seeded team host the #3 team and the winner plays the top seeded team for the League Championship.
With a well thought out long term business plan and experienced consultants, there’s no wonder why teams are lining up to joint the Texas League of American Football, but with its 6 team limit as part of its business plan for the first 3 years this league is one of the most exclusive leagues in the region. Not only do the owners and executives reap the benefits of the TLAFs business partnerships, the players are equipped with brand new equipment. Not only do players in the TLAF get to play with new Riddell football helmets and play with brand new Baiden footballs, they get to benefit from new training equipment provided by Per4fm. Players also get to sharpen their skills not only from the instruction of their coaches but from going to pro football clinics scheduled through the NFL Former Players Association. When it comes to game day players get to showcase their skills wearing uniforms and apparel with top line construction utilizing twill stitch, embroidery and sublimation, they will be announcing new uniform releases through their online show. We’ve been impressed with the Texas League of American Football thus far and will be following up on their progress, keep your eyes open for an update when they open training camp for their second season.