Whats your practice look like? – Circle Drill


The Circle Drill – Semi Pro Football Style

Circle Drill is a classic football drill that has been used in programs from youth football to the NFL to semi pro football. This drill is used by many nationally ranked teams The drill begins by bringing the while team together and lining up in a circle. The circle has offense on one side and defense on the other side. The head coach will call one player from the offense and one player from the defense into the circle. The players line up face to face within one yard of each other. When the coach give the signal verbally or by using his whistle, the players will attempt to push the other player out of the circle. The football drill is over when one player is pushed out of the circle, falls on his back or whenever the Head Coach feels that the drill is over. The winner of the football drill is the player that pushes the other player out of the circle, land on top of the other player or has made enough forward progress to be deemed the winner by the Head Coach.

The Circle Drill is a very physical and highly competitive football drill. The circle drill can be used to teach blocking technique. This drill can also be used to toughen up a team or determine which players will be team leaders. The drill is usually implemented in one of the earlier full contact practices of the season.

In this compilation Ohio State University is pictured with their head coach Urban Meyer calling out the match ups. An assistant coach lines the players up at the desired distance while the team is circled around. However Urban Meyer does not let the football drill play out as long as some other head coaches. Les Miles is pictured calling out the match ups for LSU during their practice.  Les Miles players line up with in inches of each other and Miles gives the start signal, however he also does not allow the football drill to play out long either. The University of Texas lines up for their circle drill similar to LSU but their players are allowed to continue until one player goes to the ground. The Naval Academy does their circle drill in a very formal and disciplined  fashion. Each Navy player is called out by name and hometown, the players enter an actual circle that is a little larger than a hula hoop. The head coach gives the signal and a winner is determined when a player is pushed out of the defined circle.

This drill is a part of American Football history and should be a part of every teams preseason.