World Football Federation – Semi Pro Football League Review

World Football Federation - Semi Pro Football League Review

World Football Federation – Semi Pro Football League Review

League Name: World Football Federation

League Name Abbreviation: WFF

Number of Years in Operation: Inaugural Season

Competition Level: 8

States in League: Washington D.C., Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

Number of Teams in League: 9 Teams

Number Of Games Per Season: 10

Spring or Fall: Fall

Publicity Level: 8

Current League Champion: N/A

Contact Info: Mailing address – PO box 81585 Springfield, Massachusetts, 01138
Email –
website –

The World Football Federation, also known as the WFF meets all requirements to be a fully accredited Semi Pro football and Minor League Football league with nationally ranked teams. The league features 14 teams spread across the North Atlantic region. The World Football Federation was created by bringing in established semi pro football teams from highly competitive teams in the North Atlantic region, for this reason their’s a big buzz behind the WFF. The Capital City Seahawks from the East Coast Football Association and the Central Penn Piranhas from the Gridiron Developmental Football League were the latest two additions to the World Football Federation. The Central Penn Piranhas and the Capital City Seahawks were expected to be the two league leaders but they both currently sit behind the unexpected and undefeated league leaders, the Albany Mallers.
With two games left before playoffs its going to be a tough road to the championship. With the buzz of the WFF in the semi pro football community, the teams, players and coaches get a lot of publicity. The league website features a complete list of teams in the World Football Federation and their respective contact information. The league also promotes its teams and players not only through the league website but through the league facebook, twitter and instagram pages. The league frequently post team promo videos and team try out information during the off season. With the league being compiled of established semi pro football teams, many having already won championships in other leagues, makes it a highly competitive football league and has earned it a competition level rating of 8 out of 10. Players looking to play in the World Football Federation will have to contact desired WFF teams individually thought the respective teams website or social media account. With 3 teams ranked nationally in the top 50 semi pro football teams the World Football Federation is off to a great start.